Not able to Burn Bootloader on Pro mini(AT328P-AU).

Hi all, Im fairly new to Arduino and im failing to burn boot loader using Arduino as ISP

My Arduino ISP device is an Arduino Mini( AT328P-PU) and the Target device is an Pro mini(AT328P-AU). I have Connected the ICSP pins to the working Arduino for burning the bootloader. but all the time i get the error saying

"avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature."

i have also tried chaniging my device id from 1e960f to 1e9614 on the avrdude.conf, and it didnt work.

Can you guys help me with a way to burn bootloader on to my target device Pro mini(AT328P-AU). using Arduino Mini( AT328P-PU).

What signature are you receiving? The Device Signature of an ATmega328P is 0x1E950F. If you get 0x1E9514 it means that someone slipped you an old ATmega328 instead of an ATmega328P.