Not able to flash using Arduino Web Creater

Hello All

I know this topic is not the new. I have gone through most of the comments or post discussing about it but unfortunately it doesn't solve my problem.

I am able to flash my Arduino Uno R3 (SMD) using Arduino IDE but if i use Arduino Web it shows "Please Reselect The Board From The Dropdown".

I don't know why i am getting such error and i barely need your help.

Please help me as i am new to Arduino as well as Arduino Forum.

If I remember correctly, in the other threads there was some talk of the need to clear your browser cache. Did you do that?

I use CCLEANER on a regular basis.

The free version is advert free.

Pert is correct that sometimes you need to clear the full browser cache and this does a great job with all the browsers and a few other areas besides and is totally safe.