Not able to pair computer with HC-06

I'm trying to send analog read values from my Arduino UNO to my computer using a HC-06 module. I was able to change the name, baud rate, and pin password code for the HC-06 using the program I've attached (called "bluetooth module") . I'm using a Kinivo BTD-300 Bluetooth USB dongle to connect with the HC-06. I'm able to locate the HC-06 and connect with it, but the connection only lasts about 7-8 seconds (then my Windows 8 laptop just says "not connected"). I've also attached the program I wrote to send the analog values (called "sensors"). Any ideas about what I could be doing wrong?

It would help if you read the instructions at the head of the forum and posted your code in the proper manner.

If sensors.ino uses hardware serial, it should work properly on the serial monitor as long as the bluetooth is disconnected, so that is the first test. The connection problem is either entirely down to windows, or you have some bad or improper wiring. You can tedt for the former if you can beg, borrow or steal an Android phone.