Not Able To Upload Sketch To Arduino Due

Hi, i just bought an arduino Due. I powered it from the programming port and installed the sam package for me to be able to program it. I installed the latest version (version 1.6.11). I used the blink example and uploaded it. it looks to compile fine but when uploading the leds on the arduino dont flash and it comes up with this error.

No device found on COM12

An error occurred while uploading the sketch

it isn’t finding anything on com 12 although i’m positive that there i have connected the arduino’s programming port as when i go to Tools it says

Board: Arduino Due (programming port)
Port: COM12 (Arduino Due (programming port))

and in device manager i see the arduino connected to com12 so i have no clue to what might be happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Hello there!

Can you go to Preferences (Ctrl+Comma) and turn on "Verbose output" during upload. Try to upload to your board again and post the whole set of messages you get in the IDE.

the whole message was longer than 9000 words so i had to include a text file, sorry for the inconvenience. :confused:

Error Message.txt (50.3 KB)

Whenever you can compile your sketch but you can't upload, check (or try another one) your USB cable first, this may be the issue. Before uploading, push the erase button for 3 seconds then the reset button for 3 seonds, then upload. Be sure to select Arduino Programming Port if you connect the USB cable to the socket close to the jack barrel for uploading.

If uploading is still failing, your board may have an hardware issue, ask a refund.

yep, tried everything. i guess it might be a hardware issue. Still, thanks for your help.

yep, tried everything. i guess it might be a hardware issue. Still, thanks for your help.

was it the hardware issue? Have you tried it with other DUE board?
I am facing the same problem

Try burning the bootloader to the DUE board with another Arduino.

The problem can be with the board, or the Arduino software.

Try using older versions of the Arduino IDE and see if it has the same error or not.