Not another proximity question! Detecting objects around me.


I've been reading up on various detection and proximity sensors, but I'm not getting clear handle on how I might go about a project.

If we have for example a movable vehicle (battery powered car), and I want to mount multiple detection sensors around the vehicle, what strategy(s) might work well to be able to tell if an object, or multiple objects, were straight in front of the car, or front left or front right, etc.

Simple object detection "out front" is too vague. Also, have to consider multiple objects in the field of view.

Is there a sensor that can give feedback about objects in field of view and the relative angle/position from the sensor?

Imagine detecting table legs, or char legs.

Could multiple sensors, say on the front of the car, be used to section the total field of view into smaller sections. Would they then create "ghosts" responses to each other?

Just trying to get a handle on what type of sensors and/or strategy that would work well for this scenario.

Programming control of the sensors using the arduino is the assumption.

Thanks for any feedback and comments.


Mount a ultrasonic (ping) sensor on a servo. The ping sensor has a 15° field of view so you can scan from 0 to 180. The ping sensors are good out to about 10 feet.

Interesting; along that lines I'm going to try a bank of ultrasonic "senders", programmatically controlling each one on/off in sequence. Thanks.