Not another RFID Arduino keyless entry... :)

I actually made my first project. I wanted an RFID keyless entry but my building doesn’t allow me to alter the door, lock or striker. Sooooo, here is what I did. :). Please let me know your thoughts. I am so excited. I was going to quit because this arduino stuff is hard. But after seeing progress itnis working great.

YouTube video:

Nice! I would keep on working on it to make it cleaner but I'm glad to see it's already working! F

I love the creativity on how you circumvented the “rules” of your apartment building by not altering the door at all. They’re basically saying “use the door the way we want you to use it” and you’re saying “no!”

This is a nice blend of cheap mechanical parts and good code. Since the inside handle is less accessible with the additional hardware on there, maybe you could add another motor to pull the door open after it releases from the latch to make it a completely hands-free experience. Great project!

I might be a bit late on this, but just a tip: you should probably build in some sort of backup system. Failsafe in case of: 1: Power's out in your apartment: arduino/rfid stuff has no power. 2: Arduino program failure (Even though you're probably a great programmer, this might still happen). 3: Mechanical/Wire failure (A wire slips loose/ the wire to the handle snaps, etc)

Otherwise, very well done! Sparkfun is also my favorite store.