Not Enough Current for Leonardo USB


I have a working macro keypad that’s built on a Leonardo. I’d like to interface this to a KVM that provides very little current. My cheap USB current meter indicates that it’s providing <10 mA. The same meter reports the Leonardo drawing 30 mA on my working setup that goes directly into a computer.

Is there a way for me to add current to the circuit without affecting the USB HID interface?

Thanks in advance

Powered USB hub between KVM and Leonardo?
External power supply for Leonardo?


Thanks for replying.

Neither of these worked. I plugged the Leonardo's USB to a hub that had a power adapter and I also tried plugging a power adapter directly into the unit through its external supply jack.

The board's LEDs activate, but the program doesn't run. If i connect the Leonardo into the other port on the KVM switch -- the one labelled as "mouse" -- the circuit runs fine and my macros fire off. Unfortunately, I can only issue the hotkeys to switch using the keyboard port.