Not enough pins

Hello, i am using an arduino uno for a project that i am making. In this project i use a cc1101 rf module which i conect to the arduino using pins(2,10,11,12,13). I am also using a gps which i connect to the arduino using pins(8, 9). I want to store the data from the gps using a SD card but i don't have enough pins due to the fact that the communication between the microcontroller and the SD card also uses SPI(pins 10, 11, 12 ,13).

Getting an arduino with more pins is not a solution as i want to take out the microcontroller of the arduino and make a standalone microcontroller on a breadboard.

What do you advise me to do?

May i use another microcontroller and conect to the other using tx and rx pins?

Thanks in advance

What do you advise me to do?

Post in the proper place. There is nothing about your problem that has anything to do with storage.

That the cc1101 module is an SPI module and the SD card is an SPI module does not present a problem. You connect both of them to the SPI bus (pins 11, 12, and 13) and choose different chip select pins for each one.

Pin 10 needs to be set as an OUTPUT pin, to make the Arduino an SPI master, but that doesn't mean that it can't also be used as a chip select pin (usually for the cc1101 module).

So far, you've mentioned pins 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. That leaves pins 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and the 6 analog pins that can be used as digital pins.

What IS the problem?

Just split the SPI signals (except for pin 10) and send them to both devices.

You will need two chip select pins. As Paul indicated, any 2 pins will do for that; just make sure that they're never active at the same time. Proper libraries allow you to specify a specific pin for that.

Try to understand how SPI works.
No idea where this info comes from (must be somewhere on this forum) but some SPI devices don't 'release' the MISO pin; that will interfere with the bus as a bus.