Not getting data from Parallax PMB-648 SIRF

I am trying to use a Parallax GPS with an Arduino Nano, and I am not receiving any data from it when running the test programs included in TinyGPS.

I have the red wire connected to 5V, the black wire connected to GND, the yellow wire (TX) connected to D4, and the blue wire (RX) connected to D3. The program ran without stating that my wiring was incorrect, but it just continually parses characters without ever getting a GPS sentence. Does anyone know what might be the issue?

Write a little sketch to copy the received characters to the PC and view them on Serial Monitor. If you don't get anything the wiring might be bad. If you get messages that don't contain LAT and LON you probably have not downloaded the full ephemeris from the satellites yet. Keep the GPS in a place with a clear view of the sky for as long as it takes to get the data. The GPS should store the data so it can start faster next time.