Not Happy With the arduino store.


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Arduino MKR WAN 1300 (LoRa connectivity)
Arduino MKR WAN 1300 (LoRa connectivity)
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I've asked support after my free gift for signing up for create if i can collect from a distributor in my country and they did not even reply.

SO, I get a free board but then i need to ship it to my country at more that what the board costs.

No Reply from them at all, Ignoring me flat, SALES STORE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ME


that's 'life', isn' it?

If something is offered free then it's either not worth having or there's some catch with it.

I saw a similar offer on Facebook a few months back and I just happened to be looking for a USB in / out solution for a particular job at that time, so I checked it out.

Within a few minutes I'd found the shipping costs, checked out Ebay locally and found I could get what I needed very cheaply, less than the shipping and handling on the free set.

But that advert worked as I'd never heard of Arduino before that.

From what I've seen so far it's a brilliant system and seems to be based on kids 'pocket money' prices.


Passed along upstairs.

Sorry for late response.


The reason behind this cost is that the shipping fees change depending on your location and it is stated on the website that the shipping fees are not included.

Additionally, this offer is only available for purchases in the Arduino Online store and the Arduino distributors are not included.