Not hiding who i am, just trying to start over new

Just saying, i have been lurking around for research reasons, and thought it was time to say hello again. i will behave, as best i can.
i have been collaborating with an Arduino related project for a while now, and thought it best to start over, here, in case i need assistance, or can be of assistance.
i am not going to go away, so i thought it best that i just start over on this forum, and behave myself. i just ask the same of others.

I know there is one person here, a moderator, with whom i have had somewhat continued contact with, apart of the forum. some may approve of my return, some may not. all i ask is for my acceptance to start over.

~Travis (yeah, that one...)

Who cares? Welcome. Back.


~Travis (yeah, that one…)

Hiya Travis...
How are you mate.
Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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Hi, Tom. doing ok, actually. been working with the DCC++EX project, and a few of my own. just staying busy. :slight_smile:


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Hi Travis, how’s the CNC machine project going?

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going kinda slow right now. it was working great, but i opted to abandon the parallel port interface, in favor of a Mesa 7i80HD-16 ethernet card. the conversion was slower than expected, but i hope it will be worth it, as far as stability and speed.
at this moment, i am trying to decide to either buy or build an enclosure for a common power supply (5v, 12v, 24v, 36v) setup. the main enclosure was getting a little crowded.
oh, i also changed the 5v machine signal logic to 24v logic (with opto-isolation) for better integrity.
a little more info at, if you like. i have an expanding tree there with most all the machine stats, unless i forgot something. :wink:

how goes the 3D printer project?


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