Not in sync - no receive signal


Again, I'm getting this pain in the ass error. I have had it always with my Atmega328p-pu chips in various situations, and I'm really clueless by now. I used Mega2560 to upload bootloader on the chip. I thought it succeed, but there is actually no sign of it. Now, i made a good board for my purposes, but the goddamn error is there again. Dayumn!

How can i fix it ?

Im using correct USB port.

what options should i possibly select? im using duemilanove w atmega328 as a board in arduino software and tried all of the programmers throughoutly.

My schematic:

Devices I'm using:
USB to Serial (FT232)

Board in action:

Do you have a LED on Pin 13 and is it flashing when the chip boots?