not in sync-problem

First, I know there's a million of these threads scattered around, so no need for another one right? Well, maybe just a last one! One with all possible solutions to this problem everyone is having.

So, I try to upload a scetch and I get presented with this error: "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00".

What I found out from all the million answers is this = reconnect, check the port and check the board. All done, doesn't work. Drivers have been reinstalled, the computer recognizes the device, the lights on the board is lit (not flashing). Another popular solution is something about messing with the bootloader, but that apparently requires another arduino board which I don't have (who packs several boards anyway?) Other than these solutions, what else is there? What causes this? Is my board forever dead unless I get him a twin?


spycatcher2k: plug in the Arduino Start the IDE Select the correct Board and Port open/write your software unplug the arduino press and hold the reset button plug Arduino back in Click Upload on the IDE When the sketch size shows release the button This MAY help.

Thanks! Didn't help though :(