Not in sync: resp=0x52 What does this mean?

I'm trying to program an ATMEGA328-AU with a FTDI Friend. I keep getting a few different codes like:
resp:=0x52 or resp:=0x71 or resp:=0xfa

Im kinda baffled by the variety of codes.

Any suggestions to what these codes mean?


did you connect thr reset of atmega 328p and DTR of FTDI with 0.1u cap ?
Wait,Is there a bootloader on atmega328p ?


MalharD, I have a 0.1uF cap on the board. I hope there is a bootloader :wink:

The ATMEGA328 is on a custom made board, and I burned bootloaders to the chips before soldering them onto the board. The chip is an ATMEGA328 not ATMEGA328P, if that makes much of a difference from this perspective.


SOLVED: It must be a hardware issue. I tried another one of my custom boards and it works just fine. I suspect these crappy little resonators ( They always seem to die easily... assuming they were good from the beginning...

Cheers, you found it.