Not my projet, but very impressive!

This is not my project, but I hadn't seen it here. I was messing around on youtube and though it was pretty neat, so check it out.

Very, very cool. Thanks for posting it!


yes that one is interesting, but andy Huntington has a better version that has a really great user interface and design... There is a video here. Also you don't need a whole computer to run it!


hmm, "better"? yes it looks cooler, but the first one sounds MUCH better!

Much better, the first one !

speaking of an interface. “drool” is a crank operated drum sequencer that i am working on. this is the first working all-in-one prototype. i only have this crappy video demonstrating (to myself) the newly added autoplay. which is “without the crank”. so the idea gets lost in the video.

the sound is generated with solenoids as well. the data is send via midi. i actually build a custom cajon for that installation, but the hardware part is still a big issue. i’m currently having one month “exhibition break” on that project.


I know all of this was from a while ago....but still.................WOW! all very cool.