not possible to disolay BMP085 data on 3.5"(320x480) Ili9481

first sorry for any mistake, with regarding to forum rules, cause ! due to it may be my first post.
I am trying to display RTC time and BMP180 data on 3.5" (320X480) tft Shield. When I only try to display
text and graphics all is ok every thing is ok RTC with DS(3231) library. But when I just add BM080 library, screen goes to blank and also no serial communication on serial monitor, any how again, I tried to add code without any library, from Spark fun example, but result is same. Here I am attaching Codes I used.
no response from Serial port and also Screen goes complete black.

Colander_cum_temp_Time_and_AtPresuure_with_Altitude.ino (5.81 KB)