Not possible to setup a coms port for uploading sketch

Hello Team,
I was using Beta version 11 with a program for the NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E module) at com11 and that is working fine. I can upload the software and see on the build in Arduino IDE serial monitor the data what is send to the monitor. I can even switch to different communication ports on the computer.
I update too version 12 and use the same setup and software as in Beta 11, I was not able to select a com port at all. In the option Tools there is no option available such as "port"or "serial" with a section option of the existing com ports. Also in the drop down section at the top "Select board & port" it is not possible to select a port.

I am still using windows 7

It happens sporadically with me. If I disconnect the processor from the PC and then reconnect it, the IDE finds a port again.
This is a small (annoying) mistake.

I have experienced something like this and reported it here:

For me, the issue is only intermittent. If I close all Arduino IDE windows and then start the IDE again, the ports are then recognized. @HendrikDijk does the problem occur always for you, or are the ports recognized after restarting the IDE?

Thanks for mentioning this! I didn't notice that before, but I just tried it and it is the same for me. I have updated the issue report above with that information.

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