Not reading voltage from power pins (Mega 2560)

I recently purchased the Mega 2560 and was starting to go through Youtube tutorials (Jeremy Blum). However on my second circuit where I needed to run power through a breadboard I encountered some trouble. The circuit was supposed to light up an LED with a push button switch. . . nothing. I made sure my code and circuit was Identical to that on the video. When I had the ground pin floating, the led would light up but when I touched it too something metallic (- strip on breadboard, shell of usb input plug) it would die. I unplugged everything except the USB from the Arduino, attached new jumpers to the power pins, and could not get any voltage reading from either the 5v or 3v pins on my Fluke multimeter trying from all the different ground pins. If someone could point out something stupid I'm doing that would make me very happy.

I apologize for making this post. After shutting everything down and coming back to it with a clear head, I realized that on my Sunfounder board, there is a bonus pin off the end I used for reference when counting over pins (my eyes/brain are not that good). All is well now and hopefully I won't have to make a new username if I have any actual questions in the future.