Not receiving e-mail notifications of replys

I seem to not be getting notifications if someone posts a reply to a post I make.

The replies are not getting put in the SPAM box, checked that.

My e-mail address has NOT changed.


This option isn't enabled by default.
If you had it enabled before, it might be damaged when the forumsoftware was updated.
That update damaged a lot of things.
So perhaps you should check your profile and see if it is enabled.
If it is, disable it.
Close the browser or log off of the site.
Then log in again, go to the profile and reset the option.
See if it now works , wait for a reply and see if you get an email.

Thanks. Shall try that.

Have looked at the options (attachment and other options) and it was set.

Un-set it and logged back in and shall set it now.

Hmmmm..... It was set before I set it.

Shall unset it now and post then come back and see what happens.

Sorry for all the posts.

Well, I typed the above rely, went to the "attachemtns and other options" and UN-TICKED the "notify me of replies" and posted.

Closed the tab (FFox) and came back.

Typing this post the box is still ticked.

Just mentioning that I am still not getting notifications of replies to my topics.