not showing port

i have brought a new arduino uno r3 and install the software, i am facing some problem its not showing port in the software i try online but result the same, i did change the cable but the result is same, i am using window 8, 64 bits system, can anyone suggests me an idea, both lights are working and do their jobs.please suggest a way to get it connect its for my project and getting delayed.

On some installs of windows the COM ports view needs to be enabled by using the "Show Hidden Devices"

Also check your device manager for any issues with devices that show up with exclamation or question marks and deal with those first.

Is it a real Arduino or a clone as the drivers for most clones are not included with the IDE (Google CH340).

Check the markings on the black chip next to USB port. If it's Mega16u2 then it should use normal arduino drivers; for CH340G/CP2102, you need to download and install the appropriate drivers - google that part number, the name of your OS, and the word drivers.

If you have installed those drivers, but it is still not working, that may indicate a problem with the board (or with a bad USB cable - there are a lot making the rounds. I think someone is including bad ones in starter kits) - the ones with the mega16u2 seem to be fairly prone to failure from abusing the 5v power rail.