Not sure how to go about programming my dev board.

Hey all,

So i am a bit new to creating any sort of prototype that isnt directly already on an UNO board. Here is a shot of an LED driver that i have made, however i didnt factor in the feature to program it directly. I want to add a header to allow me to do this, however I have been getting lost with diffrent tutorals and terminology. Currently i pull the chip out of the uno and into this board and it works fine. Unfortunaly i didnt realize that one of the pins I am using is D11, which is "MOSI" .... is this pin critical to uploading sketches?

I will be in total using 3 PWM pins (D9, D10, D11), Two analog inputs, and 1 digital pin.

Is there a way to get around this without having to desolder D11? Is there a good guide somewhere which explains exactly what I need to connect to my UNO? Some guides refer to plugging into the pin breakouts, while others refer to the two diffrent 6-pin headers on the UNO, yet im still a bit lost.

You have two in-place programming options.

  1. Program over serial. The '328 must have an Arduino bootloader installed which your chip has if you can plug it into an Uno and program. This requires an external USB to serial convertor (FT232,CP2102,CH340 your choice, they all work) and 3 connections: rx,tx (D0 and D1) and reset.

  2. Program with ICSP. No bootloader required. USASB or other programming tool required. 6 pin header with connections to processor required. Your use of the MOSI pin is not a problem since you are using it as an output - although the output may be active (high and low) during programming. Refer to an Uno schematic for the connector wiring.

Make sure you add 100nF ceramic decoupling capacitors from VCC pins to GND (as close to the controller as possible).