Not sure what files to load ATTINY85

Hi all,

New here - please be gentle!

I have seen a project I would love to do, but I am unsure what file(s) need to be uploaded to the ATTINY.

The files aren't mine, but are available via a link to download in the description in the video - I have downloaded everything. The schematic and programming the ATTINY is fine, but there are several files and I'm not sure if one pulls data from the other, or they are revisions of the same project.

I wondered if any of you guys help me to figure out the files I need to upload.

The link to the video is here: Youtube

The download files are here: Sourceforge

I have downloaded the files if anyone needs the code from them, but there are 9 in total.

Thanks in advance for your help all!


As long as you are using an ATtiny13 with the same configuration as the author of the code, you should be able to just use AVRDUDE to flash the pre-compiled main.hex file to your ATtiny13.

If you do prefer to compile it yourself, and want to use the Arduino IDE, I can probably provide instructions.

Hi Pert,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve looked at both the .hex file and AVRDUDE and yes, I’m pretty lost with it.

I am familiar with the Arduino IDE and am getting to grips with the code, but am lost when it comes to compiling the hex file.

Any additional assistance / advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again Pert.