Not sure what I am doing wrong

Have just entered the world of arduino and am running through some basic tutorials I purchased a complate starter kit with everything required including a genuine arduino uno and a 16x2 lcd display Have been trying to get the hello world example to work and it just doesn't seem to happen I thought maybe something wrong with the display so today I went to jaycar and got a lcd keypad shield shield and still having same result have worked through multiple different tutorials from various places trying to get display working and all I get is the top line all squares and bottom line blank. Im really not sure what I am doing wrong and its starting to frustrate me after a couple of days of trying

Show us your wiring.
To get help, you must show us your complete sketch. Attach your code using the </> icon on the left side of the posting menu.

Can you get the simple Blink sketch to run.

I just built it again to take a photo of it and this time it worked, though I believe I opened a different schematic this time as it had a resistor on the power lead going to displays anode though I would have thought that wouldn’t make the difference as that is just to power the backlight on the screen.
I did also discover the blocks I was seeing was screen turned up to bright or maybe down to dull not sure which yet but a twist of the potimeter fixed it and hello world was displayed.

Next step work out how to put a temperature sensor in there to display on the screen, off to google I go

I just built it again to take a photo of it and this time it worked

Always blame yourself. .