Not sure what software/programming language to use

I am working on a project where accelerometer data will need to be read live and interpreted/analysed using some software or a programming language. After analysis, a corresponding signal would need to be sent to the servo.

Since all of this needs to happen live (and quickly), are there any recommendations what I could use to analyse the accelerometer data? I was thinking of using matlab as I am most familiar with it.

Any tips on the whole set up?

Many Thanks in advance!

C++ on the Arduino would be fastest I guess

but your requirements are too vague wrt what the analysis should do.
Is that a "less than 10" liner or 1000 lines of code?

C++ on the Arduino would be fastest I guess

Ha Ha :slight_smile: C++ is the only option on an Arduino.

The Arduino can do things quickly. Sending data to a PC (for Matlab) and back will be the bottleneck.

You need to tell us how much data needs to be processed (or moved), how often, and how much delay is acceptable.


I think you need to provide more detail as to your setup, or people will make assumptions about what you have and what exactly you wish to do.

I will make the assumption that you have an accelerometer connected to an Arduino and that you are reading the data fine to this point.

Is your question more about how best to get that data into a computer and what is the best method in terms of programing language to use to then do some crunching on that data?

If so, then you need to detail what operating system you intend to use, GNU/Linux or Mac OS-X or that other one which I have trouble saying :blush:

Also, detail how the servo is connected, as in, is it on the same device as the accelerometer sensor or is it connected directly from the computer?

Tallk about communications as well, as in, do you use serial (USB) or Ethernet or wireless.

Too little detail, too many assumptions to give any concise answers for you.