not sure where the problem lies in the firmware or the hardware or the software

Hello all I am having a problem with my cnc/3 D printer build, I am using a Arduino mega 2560 r3 with a RAMPS 1.4, I am using repetier software, in the manual movement test, I move y axis forward, then when I try move the y axis back, the z axis moves forward? I read some where the firmware for my mega 2560 r3 might be old for my board?

I have disabled all end stops in configuration h,

Where can I find the correct firm ware for this board?

Thank you Melvin

If the manufacturer can’t help you with firmware then we are in an even worse position.

You may get more help on the RepRap Forum


Hi all

figured it out my self, basically

turns out i needed to add the enable wire from the ramps 1.4 to the DQ542ma"s aswell as enable the the enable xyz in config h.

Thanks guys