not sure which arduino board(s) I need for my project

Newbie here. I have shell and script coding experience, but not hardware.

I'm building 2 industrial LED fixtures with 4ft dimmable LED tube lights for a bar in a distillery. I have mains experience and understand the dangers of working with high voltage. This is the first time I'm attempting to use an Arduino controller.

This is my requirements list:

  1. Control fixtures through an iPhone app with Bluetooth
  2. Turn on 2 LED T8 tube fixtures
  3. Provide dimmer control for 2 LED T8 tube fixtures
  4. Control servos to randomly move decorative pressure gauge needles
  5. Turn on low-voltage LEDs in pressure gauges
  6. Play MP3 / Wav file upon turning on and off

I found a 2 channel AC LED dimmer (Krida Electronics), but am not sure which Arduino board(s) I need to meet the other requirements, there are so many of them it's kinda confusing.

Any suggestions and direction will be most appreciated. Thank you!


there are so many of them it’s kinda confusing.

If size isn’t a constraint, a UNO is probably the best choice. You can stack shields on a UNO quite easily, such as the MP3 or WAV shield that you are going to need.

The Arduino can’t play a MP3 or WAV file without external hardware (that does all the work).

Any Arduino can make a servo move.