Not using a pre-defined scheme. Customizing a theme. Which item controls the color of the parenthesis/brackets?

recently I updated from Arduino 1.8.13 to 1.8.16

I use a dark theme. I remember it was a hard work to adjust the colors to what I personally like.

I don't want to use a pre-defined dark theme. I want to customise it the way I like it.

I'm using a portable installation. copying all libraries etc. worked fine.
Only the color of the parenthesis "(" ")" and curly brackets is wrong

Black brackets on black backround does not work.
So my question is: which item in the scheme-file controls the color of the brackets?

best regards Stefan

It's this line in syntax/default.xml:

<style token="SEPARATOR" fg="000000" />

There are also several theme settings controlling the color of the matched bracket highlight (it indicates which bracket is associated with the one the cursor is at). They are all described in this documentation.

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Hi in0,

thank you very much for pointing me to the docs
best regards Stefan

You're welcome.

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