Notebook memory

Hello everyone, Nice to meet you.

I made a datalogger several months ago. Mega + RTC + SD card(32g) + Notebook(win7, i5 cpu, 8G ram, 500G HDD) input: analogue data (0~50V) (10 ports) scanning cycle : 5 ~ 6 times per sec working time: always, all day long data storage: sd card, serial monitor: notebook lcd screen usually 1 day file size in sd-card: about 60 Mbyte

But, there is some problem. My data logger sometimes stops, after 1 week or after 5 days or after 10 days. I assume notebook's memory insufficient.

From time to time, I checked notebook's memory by task manager (pressing ctrl+alt+del on the notbook's keyboard). Then I can find the information such as total memory, cashed memory and available memory etc.

In my case, the cashed memroy is becomming more and more increasingly. Natually, available memory is becomming less and less. The cashed memory become about 4.5~5 Gbyte, suddenly my data logger stops. Then I reboot the notebook and re-setting arduino program.

For your information, serial monitor(Notebook) shows me data during about 3 or 4 hours. After that, the old data are disappeared in the screen. Perhaps, the data are continously stored in the buffer memory in the notebook?

Do you have any idea for solve this issue? I'd like to operate my data logger without stopping. Thank you in advance.

I don't think the arduino serial monitor (if that's what you referred to) was designed to take more than a moderate amount of data, but I didn't look at the source code. If you suspect the serial monitor, why don't you try something more suitable as a serial monitor, such as tera term? You should be able to enable serial logging and the monitor will handle more data better than arduino IDE. Is your program entirely on arduino or did you also program your PC? If it's entirely on arduino, try a raspberry pi as the data logger. Using a coir i5 is a huge waste.

You have to prevent memory overruns, both in RAM and mass storage. RAM usage is easy to control, flush your buffer to a file whenever it gets full, then fill the buffer again. On mass storage you'll have to delete old log files, in order to make room for a new file.

Thank you so much for your kind advice. Frankly speaking, I'm a beginner. So, I will study the tera term and raspberry pi. Thank you so much again.