Nothing after a sketch is uploaded...

Hey all, recently I've been working with a robotics club at my school and we purchased an arduino uno. We'd been hearing how it was a great learning experience so we decided to go ahead and buy it. So when we finally received it, we were so happy and excited to get going with it. The first thing we did is unbox it, create a circuit with our lcd (we bought a kit from makershed) and we upload the hello world liquid crystal sketch... To our suprise nothing appeared on the screen but we realized that the potentiometer in the circuit controlled how dim the lcd was. I've had 4 people build the circuit all with the same result. Is it the arduino? The sketch? The microcontroller?

Please help and I will be happy to provide any other info such as the code itself...

Thank you very much,


Hi, welcome, and good luck.

First thing might be to check the Arduino itself is good, by uploading the Blink sketch which is in the IDE under File, Examples. That will at least (hopefully) tell you that the upload is actually successful and that the Arduino itself is working.

Second, yep, uploading the code's always a good idea. Just paste into the screen where you type posts. But please then select the sketch text and hit the "#" button to give it code tags. The # is just above the :wink: and :sweat_smile: smilies. Code in tags will...

.... look like this.

Also a schematic of the circuit won't hurt. Nor will details of make and model of LCD.



Sorry for the loooong delay. I've been very busy lately. I will only be able to post the details next week.]
Sorry for the inconvenience.