Noticeably less spam

I hope this does not jinx things but it appears to be less spam getting through.

Thanks to those involved.


Yes, we are pretty pleased. :slight_smile:


(nice spot, Grumpy Mike)

Sorted those guys out. But they are getting clever that's for sure.

I have reported a few but overall much less.


Whatever you did has made life better. Very few getting through.

Instead of a daily feed of spam, it is now an occasional snack.


For some reason, today has been quite bad for spam.

And a lot of noobs posting in the wrong place.

I've added some words from recent spam posts to the banned word list.

Maybe we aren't being quite regarded as an "easy mark" any more.

The "banned word list"? How long is it?

Pretty long. Over 150 words.

A few days ago, I saw 11. I reported them all (I am a good citizen) ;). But that is the only spam I have ever seen.

If you see them, they are probably advertising something we haven't put in our ban list yet.

Does the forum software automatically block posts with banned words in them?

I don't want to describe the exact process, because that would help people get around it, but there is a degree of automation to it.

Uh oh. All this talk of how good things are may have jinxed us. Just purged a new one...;u=385260. Site appears to contain malicious content.

Added a new word to the list.

I remember when I was young one of my friend's father told us boys to go away because they were about to play cards and we might learn some "new words". lol.

That list of words has a very annoying font. I can't tell the difference between l and |.

Not much better in the post above. I am referring to lower-case L and the "or" symbol:

l and |

Most commonly called "pipe" - from UNIX usage.

Or Vertical bar

Except the or symbol has 2 of them. |o|