Notification of new posts

If I enable email for notification of new posts, I get too many emails. Selecting which ones I don't want anymore is too much work.

The popup notification is not working for me. I use a few computers, and sometimes I open a number of sites at once, and I don't always look at them.

The list of my posts doesn't show how many people replied after me.

I would like to have a page that shows just one line for each of my posts, and with the number of replies.

IN the top right there is a line on the forum that states

Hello Krodal 0 new messages | unread posts | replies

Try to click on the last one, that may help you to be more efficient. (in the list that shows up click on the far right to get the latest post)

Thanks Rob, I clicked on everything, except that. I will be using that page from now on.

It could be more helpful, it the number of replies would also indicate the number of replies after my own last post, like this: 5 (2)

it could always be better but I think as it is it is already very useful, especially if you have not been on the forum for several days/weeks.

and the quantity of the responses does not (always) imply quality ...

Have you considered using a RSS reader? I use a RSS reader in combination with the method described by robtillaart. RSS reader allows me to scan quickly through the new posts without waiting for the web pages to load and the replies allows me to see whether there are new posts on topics I have posted to. Best regards Jantje

Using RSS (I call them Webfeeds) causes an enormous amount of feeds. That is too much for me. Sadly, it is not possible to use a Webfeed for the replies page only, or for a singel topic.

So I'm using only the replies page now.

Krodal One tip of advice when using the replies page. When doing your first post to a topic: ask yourself: "do I want to know about all updates on this topic forever?" Some posts go a long way and it may be annoying after some time to see a topic reappear in your replies because you posted 1 message 5 months ago.

Best regards Jantje