Notify clients/users by sending a message to their phone

Dear programmers/developers,

I have a project in mind that i'd like to develop with Arduino, wit no experience at all. I'm a programmer, so i'm convinced i will get this done, but the problem is i don't know where to start. About my project:

The Arduino board should send a message to the client/customer to notify that his/her order is ready to be picked up. So when the product number is typed in to the Arduino, via a numpad, the Arduino should automatically get the customer name/number from the database that is related to the product number and send a message that the order is ready.

This is the concept, which i can program by myself. But the thing is, what components do i need to achieve this with Arduino? Could someone give me some advice/reference where to start and how i can achieve this? In fact, is this possible?

Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading my request. I hope someone can help me.

Happy Coding,

Osman Kaya

if you have programming experience you should just go through the GSM shield / library examples. does 90% of what you want.

Thanks for the quick answer. I would definitely check that out. Thank you!

What do you mean by "from the database". You might want to maintain a database on an Arduino SD card in a text file - or you may have to somehow get your Arduino to interface with a database on a PC or server.

If your database is on a PC or server it might be easier to write the application there.


Catweazle NZ