Novation Launchpad Arduino Clone

Hello All,

I have had Induino ( Arduino rev 3 clone ) for some time now, I have spend time doing some small projects and getting acquainted with the whole thing. Now I plan on starting some serious project with it. I know this a project a very common project and many have been fiddling with such ideas for some time now, So I thought why not try this.

As for the start this is what I have planned.

  1. 8 X Backlit Tactile switch ( Will be making these using LEDS and Tact switchs )
  2. 2 X Knobs
  3. 2 X Faders

I have some 4051 shift registers lying around so will be using them for switchs and lights ( Since I would like to increase the number of switch's in future ), while researching I had read that its not a good idea to use same shift registers for inputs and outputs, Is it true ?

I will be starting to work on the schematic for this, but before that I thought it would be a good Idea to get pointers, tips and suggestions on the whole project.

It would be really good if experienced DIY's can share there ideas, suggestions and guide me on this.


The 4051 is a multiplexer, not a shift register. It's fine for expanding inputs (digital or analog) but it can only control one output at a time. The 74HC595 shift register is good for outputs. The 74HC165 is good for digital inputs.

The 4051 is a multiplexer, not a shift register

Ohh I knew I was still missing some R&D. Thanks :slight_smile:
I am going for some shopping today will buy a few 595's and 165's to get going.