now im confused????

I put a 5ohm resistor between an LM317's output pin and the adjustment pin and I expect to get a maximum current of 250mA?

When I connect a Lead acid battery or a dc motor or any device I measure 600mA up to 1A of current being drawn? Why is this? I am obviously very dumb and I don't understand electronics:(

For constant current, you need to put the current setting resistor to the ground reference.

ETA: Oops, think I made an error. Do you have a resistor to ground? If so, you just created a fixed voltage regulator.

I just found this app note, it might help:

Sorry my mistake, I was putting my positive wire before the resistor instead of after the resistor. I am really stupid with this and I've been struggling for almost a year to figure this out. Maybe it's because I'm really stupid? Like there is something wrong with my learning ability:( it's not nice

For future reference, post a schematic or it doesn't exist.