nrf 24l01+ leonardo not recieving correctly

I am sending data using ARduino NANO to arduino leonardo using NRF 24L01(wireless modules).. BUT leonardo is not receiving data ... I have tried all the libararies MIRF , maniacbug, Radiohead nrf, and the list goes on ... kindly help me out how can i get data on leonardo using nrf 24l01 KINDLY HELP ??????? :( :( :( MY wiring is 100 percent correct .. I have done communiction using mega using uno using other arduino's but leonardo is ending my patience from last 7 days

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I have an NRF24 working with my Leonardo. Note that the SPI pins Mosi, Miso and Clk are only available on the ICSP header.

I have successfully followed the tutorial that @123Splat referenced.