NRF24.h library problem

Hello guays,
I am working on a project in which I am using the NRF24l01 and its library .
My problem is that when I send a request, I don’t know when the receiver will answer me so I make a loop while(!radio.available()) but it is not working (I don’t know why) the second problem is when I searched about read method, I found that it returns bool but for me It tells that it returns nothing (void).
Please I need your help in this …
Thanks a lot.

You should use

 if (radio.available()) {

and notwhile(!radio.available());the while blocks without any reason.

The return value of the read function from the maniacBug code was not very useful,
so it was dropped in the newer version of the library.

I want to remove the NRF24 library but when I search for it in the libraries directory I don't find it ???

The reason could be that it is called RF24 not NRF24.

#include <RF24.h>

I didn't find it, even with that name !!!

If you can compile a sketch that includes <RF24.h>, the library can be found somewhere (by the compiler).

There are at least three places where that could be, the sketch directory, the user libraries or the system libraries.

Compiling with additional output for the compile enabled should reveal the used location.