nrf24 tag game

Hi all,

I'm thinking about trying to build a type of laser tag game but not using lasers.

Each player will have a life box. Arduino, battery, Nrf24 module.

You gain points when more of your team is within range of a base station, king of the hull style. With other base stations that can respawn your life.

Some players will have "guns", a second nrf24 that when the life boxes get interrogated by will set the player as dead (set on the life box not centrally managed).

I have some questions though having never used nrf24 modules...

Has anyone tried something similar or seen anyone try anything similar?
Are rubbish nrf24 modules short enough range for a sensible king of the hill (maybe 5 m)?
Can you make nrf24 directional enough, I'm thinking about putting the guns in Pringles tubes for directionality similar to how people used to extend wifi range point to point?

No one has tried this or similar then?

Google hasn't been very helpful.