NRF24 with 10 pins, can't get it working..

Hi all,

I purchased two of these NRF24 modules from Deal Extreme :

When they showed up, I realized that they have 10 pins instead of the 8 pins that most modules have. I also have a pair of the modules that have the zig-zag antenna traced on the board. I was able to easily get the zig-zag antenna units up and communicating using various resources around the Internet and the RadioHead library. However, I can't seem to crack the 10 pin units.

I have tried following the traces with a magnifying glass and mapping that to the pins from the NRF24 data sheet, along with just ignoring the two extra pins and wiring it up like the ones with the zig-zag antennas. Nothing seems to work. Every time I load a sketch the serial console is showing "init failed". I added some additional debugging output to the RadioHead code and found that it is failing when it first tries to read a register, it is failing.

Does anyone have any suggestions on additional ways that I can possibly figure out the correct pin out for these? Or, to figure out if the units might be DOA? (The board edge is trimmed REALLY close to a couple of SMT components. To the point that it looks like they may have been shaved a bit.)

Also, has anyone used these units? If so, what kind of distance did you get out of them? I was hopeful that if I put a standard "rubber duck" antenna used in 802.11 wifi devices on it that I would be able to broadcast across my house.


This one works exactly like ‘all others’
For UNO, I used this conn. diagram

Hi knut_ny,

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately it didn't work. I am starting to think these modules were either DOA or I fried them at some point while trying to get them to work. :(