nRF24I01 sending and receiving different data through different pipes

I'm a newbie to nRF24l01 and coding with Arduino (Uno). I'm trying to transmit two variables, temperature and humidity, through two different pipes 1 and 2 with this concept (after transmitting temperature through pipe 1, i will close pipe 1 and transfer humidty through pipe 2 and the other end will receive temperature with pipe 1,then close pipe 1 and, receive humidity with pipe 2). However, this command radio.closeWritingPipe doesn't exist so i have no idea what to do or figure out next.
My project's deadline is soon and i appreciate all help i can get.
Thanks alot

Are the temperature and humidity going to the same destination receiver? If so, why bother with separate pipes? Just send them together in a struct and receive them with a single pipe.

I agree with @gfvalvo. And if the two values are of the same datatype you could send an array which may be simpler.

Sending all the values in one message will be much more reliable and less confusing.

Have a look at the examples in this Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial.