nRF24L01 and Mirf library problem please help!

Hello! i have a problem with my nRF24L01 2.4Ghz wireless modules and i need your help please!!
these are my items (i have 2 same of that):

I am using the Mirf library with it and i connected the pins as described (except pin CSN is connected to Arduino pin no.9 instead of pin no.7)! i tried the ping example of the Mirf library and my problem is that my server sends only one reply and then it stops! i didnt change the code so the loop should send again and again and again, but for me it stops after one reply! on client i got correct the first ping with number but after that i get only "Timeout on response from server!" If i close the serial monitor and open it again then the server sends again only one correct response and then it stops again. On the other way if i change the server to client and the client to server then the server is working correct but the client is not working at all!
Alternatively i used an other code to send integers from one to the other and i have the same results! server sends only one packet and client gets it correct and then it stops and if i change server with client and client with server then server sends correct but client gets 0!
My guess is that one or both of the nRF24L01 are dead or some of their pins are dead but i am not sure. Please i need your help!

my second quetion is that my nRF24L01 as you can see on the picture has 10 pins with two Vcc and two GND pins! So why do i have two Vcc and two GND pins?

Please i need your help! thanks in advance!

Nobody knows?? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

It's pretty hard to tell what's wrong without seeing your code. If you post it you will get a better response.

You could also try this library and the rfstream examples. Although I've only used it with the nRF24L01+, but I understand the nRF24L01 is mostly compatible. GitHub - harlequin-tech/rf24HQ: An Arduino library for the Nordic nRF24L01+ RF transceiver..

Its likely a bug in your code or the library - have you successfully run any of the examples that come with the library? Post your code, post the version-number of the library...

Thank you very much for your answers! finally i bought 2 new nRF24L01 chips and now with the same code it is working normally! the code that i used and i use is from the Mirf ping example. The version of Mirf is the latest that i download it here: Arduino Playground - Nrf24L01.

I discovered that the old nRF24L01 chip is burned and i have no idea how this happened because it is connected to 3.3V as it should be! i red somewhere that we need to add some resister to protect the module by using the 10K and the 15K resister to reduce the voltage. So my question now is do i need to use resister to all the pins? And my second question is why this chip has 2 Vcc and 2 GND pins?Do i need to connect 2 Vcc and 2 GND or not? right now it works only with 1 Vcc and 1 GND.

I am waiting for your help please!

nRF24L01 inputs are 5V-tolerant.

thank you for you answer! So i dont need resister for all the pins? maybe only for Vcc? any idea why the old nRF24L01 chip burned?

No. You really need something other than a resistor to drop the supply voltage.

What other? i don't understand :cold_sweat: :roll_eyes: :~

A regulator?