nRF24L01 and multiple payload confusion

I am trying to get multiple sensor data sent from one Arduino to another, using the nRF24L01 modules and this library I have managed to send and receive data, but the problem is that my sensors are largely analog, and I need large floats. With all the data I am well over the 32 byte transmission cap. I need to send two payloads of different data and have them wind up in the correct struct on the other end, but I am clueless as how to do this. It will work sometimes, but it gets confused and stores the data into the wrong struct about 50% of the time. I know I am not the only one who does not know how to do this, but I can find no examples to help anywhere. Does anyone know where I might find a similar example, or would anyone be willing to knock one out for us? All the forum posts I can find on the subject just say, " just chop the data up and send separate packets." That is easy to say, but apparently not so easy to do. Thanks

You need to post both your Tx and Rx programs.

Can you include in each message a byte that identifies which message it is. So message1 is for struct1 and message2 is for struct2. In this I envisage having 3 copies of the struct. A general one into which every message is received and then two others into which the data is copied after it has been received and identified.


how much precision do you need and how large are the variables? I’m doing the same and as opposed to sending 8 doubles, or getting fancy with multiple payloads,i’m doing some trickery…

Since my values are 0-30 and i only need a few decimals, what i’m doing is multiplying my data x 1000, converting to an integer, trasmitting an int (2 bytes) then dividing the value by 1000. Other cases my data is 0-12, so i can multiply by 20 and send as a byte, then divide by 20.

I’m able to send much more data as my receiver is only displaying the data–hence no precision needed for any calculations.

Just a thought…