nrf24l01 and pipe/adresses

Hi, I red a lot on the nrf24l01 but I'm still not sure if and how I can do my project:

I have currently 433mhz transmitter and receiver.

1x base that send a common message to everything
3x receiver that received the same message and process it.

How pipe is working ? I red on the internet it can listen to 6 pipe at the same time.

BUT I want to send ALL receiver the same message at the same time and maybe receive answer from them (future project).

Can I use the same writing pipe to send to everyone or is only one will get the message ? I don't want to use many writing pipe for each nrf24l01 and send like 3 identical messages to each of them.

Same question for the answer. Can I use a single reading pipe to receive the answer (I will have a letter in my message to know from wich it is coming from)

tank for the help. I'm still not understanding the pipe/adresse from the nrf24l01

maybe if someone had a website with this kind of code, it will help me to understand how it work