nRF24L01+ and RF24 library

Hi everyone.
Ii was wondering if someone knows that library for the nRF24L01+ transcievers and could help me.

If(someone knows that library == 1) :smiley:

can someone edit the Geting started example so i can send a string to the the other arduino. I am doing a remote controlled car and i am using two arduinos (one in the car, one in the remote.) I would like so it would send the string example: "A255B177C657" - that is basically a packet of information - example A255 would be the speed of the motor1, B177 the speed of motor2 (that A,B,C in the string is just so i can easyly substring the informations). Oh, and i guess it needs to send the string very frequently...

I hope someone understands me :slight_smile: