nRf24L01 antenna tuning

Hi everyone!
I'm making custom board that uses nRf24L01 chip for RF communication.
But I'm a bit confused with how the antenna tuning works.
The antenna tuning instruction found at Nordic Semiconductors page is quite advanced.

I've made the circuit layout from the ref design by Nordic Semiconductors, and the inductors they specify in the ref design is said to work with a 50 ohm antenna.

I'm going to be using an external antenna, so my board will be equipped with a RP-SMA female connector.
According to the schematic of the sparkfun nRF24L01 board with external antenna, the values of the inductors is the same as in the ref design (Can be found at the sparkfun page).
So, I've been using the same values, for now, as a placeholder.

Is there anyone here that can tell me if I can use the same values as sparkfun uses, or (if not) help me figure out what values I should use?

Thanks in advance!

The reference design values will get you close. To get a really good match at such high frequencies, you have to test with a VNA.

Okay. They should be really close then, because otherwise Sparkfun wouldn't use the same values for an actual product, right? :slight_smile:

Depends how much faith you have in Sparkfun.

Oh well! If it don't work as expected, then I can always change out the inductors later (SMD's) :slight_smile:

You know that the IC is deprecated, right?

oh, sorry. I meant nRF24L01+ :slight_smile: