NRF24L01 - Arduino Micro to arduino Uno

Hello everybody, I have a complicated situation with the use of radio NRF24L01 (Transceiver). I can make 2 Arduino UNOS talk to each other using the NRF24L01.

But when I do the same thing with Arduino Micro to the Arduino can one do just the UNO send message to the Micro, but I can not do the micro send to UNO.

As regards the pinouts I've used all as standard pinouts and ICSP of both Arduino. Someone with similar problem? Thanks.

You may find useful information at the above link.

I follow all this steps, but dont work. :(

Arduino Uno send to Micro is ok, but when micro send to Uno dont work.

Hi, How are you providing power to the nrf24lo1 in the micro circuit. Tx uses more current than on Rx.

Tom.... :)

How close do you have the two transceivers, 1 meter (3foot)? For testing.

I remember having a problem like this. I was trying to receive data from a radio then read the data using the serial monitor in the IDE. It would work with the Uno, but wouldn't work with the Micro. I searched for a solution and didn't find any help. I found it was working, but the IDE terminal monitor was the problem. I used a different serial monitor, Cool Term (a free terminal program) and it worked. Sorry I can't remember more details, but I keep Cool Term handy on my desktop for that reason.

Good Luck, Dave