nRF24L01 auto-acknowledge and auto-retransmit

Hi everyone, I have semi-working device using nRF24L01 transivers. Device working but if signal becomes lower or something other the connection between devices is lost, so I have to reset my arduino to get it back working after that it works, but also can be lost. So I have to reset my arduino(sender in this case) to make it work. I am using Mirf Library for nRF24L01. I have read that this module has auto-acknowledge and auto-retransmit, it seems that it exactly what I looking for. But I cannot find examples of using this functions. Can someone provide any example of using this functions. My main goal is to get acknowledgment from receiver and if acknowldgment has not been received sender should reinitialize the connection or do something other to make it work.

Please help to solve this problem.

I will be very grateful to everyone.