nRF24l01+ changing from low power tranceiver to one with amplifier and antenna

I have a system of arduinos that have been communicating over the smaller nRF24l01+ units (with the printed antennas) and I am trying to switch out for the larger ones with the amplifiers and larger antenna. I've switched to an separate power supply running through a 3.3V regulator rather than running off of the 3.3V pin on the mega. I have a 10uF and 0.1uF capacitor on the supply. It works when I swap in the smaller one, but when I put in big brother, the arduino doesn't seem to be able to communicate with it. It behaves the same way as when there just isn't one even connected. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

What regulator chip are you using?

How close are two units that won't communicate correctly? With higher TX power and a more sensitive RX, receiver overload is common. Use the lowest power setting for close range testing. A 10dB attenuator with a short wire in the output socket works well for testing.