Nrf24l01 code convertion

I need to use this code for wireless transmission… can anyone help me to convert this code into code which can tranmit using nrf24l01 module…

#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100
#include “Arduino.h”
#include “WProgram.h”

#include “EMGFilters.h”

#define TIMING_DEBUG 1

#define SensorInputPin A0 // input pin number

EMGFilters myFilter;
// discrete filters must works with fixed sample frequence
// our emg filter only support “SAMPLE_FREQ_500HZ” or “SAMPLE_FREQ_1000HZ”
// other sampleRate inputs will bypass all the EMG_FILTER
int sampleRate = SAMPLE_FREQ_1000HZ;
// For countries where power transmission is at 50 Hz
// For countries where power transmission is at 60 Hz, need to change to
// our emg filter only support 50Hz and 60Hz input
// other inputs will bypass all the EMG_FILTER
int humFreq = NOTCH_FREQ_50HZ;

// Calibration:
// put on the sensors, and release your muscles;
// wait a few seconds, and select the max value as the threshold;
// any value under threshold will be set to zero
static int Threshold = 0;

unsigned long timeStamp;
unsigned long timeBudget;

void setup() {
/* add setup code here */
myFilter.init(sampleRate, humFreq, true, true, true);

// open serial

// setup for time cost measure
// using micros()
timeBudget = 1e6 / sampleRate;
// micros will overflow and auto return to zero every 70 minutes


void loop() {
/* add main program code here /
// In order to make sure the ADC sample frequence on arduino,
// the time cost should be measured each loop
------------start here-------------------*/
timeStamp = micros();

int Value = analogRead(SensorInputPin);

// filter processing
int DataAfterFilter = myFilter.update(Value);

int envlope = sq(DataAfterFilter);
// any value under threshold will be set to zero
envlope = (envlope > Threshold) ? envlope : 0;

timeStamp = micros() - timeStamp;
    // Serial.print("Read Data: "); Serial.println(Value);
    // Serial.print("Filtered Data: ");Serial.println(DataAfterFilter);
    Serial.print("Squared Data: ");
    // Serial.print("Filters cost time: "); Serial.println(timeStamp);
    // the filter cost average around 520 us

/*------------end here---------------------*/
// if less than timeBudget, then you still have (timeBudget - timeStamp) to
// do your work
// if more than timeBudget, the sample rate need to reduce to


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