Nrf24L01 Data Help


Trying not too look a fool here as i am asking a lot of Communication questions. I recently bought two Nrf24L01 Wifi to get my two mega boards to talk. i have got the Examples working but i got stuck with what i got stuck with on the Serial.

I bit more off then i can chew but i bought them and wanna get them to work i have the Mirf and RF24 library.

So what i am looking for is the Code to get me going. for either library the easiest would be nice :) I need to TX "**" two digit number RX to number after i got the DEC code Im sorted :)

I'm just struggling to send my own packets and read them. Sorry for being such a pain.

What did you find when you searched for an answer? Try this: It should be a beginning. There is a lot of nRF24LXX stuff on this website.. I've read several hundred posts in the past two years..