nRF24L01+ different pin settings


I try to do a weatherstation with my andruino uno. I'm using a dht 22, a lcd display an i want to use a nRF24L01+ to transmitt the outdoor temperature (with one more arduino and dht22).
But i have a problem with my pins:

I'm using this lcd:
this uses pins d8-13.

now i wanted to set up the nrf24l01 with the manicbug lib, but he also uses pins 9-13.

I still have the pins 0,1,3,4,5,6,7 free but can i use them instead and how can i do this?

thanks :slight_smile:


nRF24L01+ uses the SPI hardware for interfacing.

The display uses SPI:
The Nokia 6100 LCD is controlled through a 9-bit SPI interface. The control pins of the LCD are connected to the hardware SPI pins of the Arduino (D13 -SCK, D11 - DIO), the CS pin is tied to D9 and the reset pin is connected to D8.

So you need to modify one or the other to separate their conflicting usage of pins D8,9,10,11 and modify their code for those pins.

I read through the maniacbug libary but i just found settings for pin 9,10.

// Set up nRF24L01 radio on SPI bus plus pins 9 & 10 

RF24 radio(9,10);

i don't realy understand what SPI bus means. Is there a problem if the lcd AND the nrf24 use this bus together?

thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:

nRF24L01+ uses the SPI hardware for interfacing.

Actually, they work equally well via bit-banging SPI on any available pins. I even sell nRF24L01+ shields with headers that are wired both to the HW SPI pins and to an alternative set of SW SPI pins (4,5,6) just to provide this flexibility.